Phyt's Romania Natural Cosmetics Brand Launch

This week I had the pleasure to participate in the launch of the famous French natural cosmetics company Phyt’s in Romania. I’m all about using the best ingredients nature has to offer for my skincare, body care and makeup. Being so close to the collections of products made me want to explore them even further. I got to dip my fingers in some of the gorgeous mineral makeup shades, I could have stayed there all day long, testing stuff, but I didn’t want to take up so much space.

Geanina Ilies (brand ambassador)
& Yours Truly

Geanina Ilies & Monica Chirila

Long before the term “holistic beauty” was coined, Phyt’s (launched in 1972) was ahead of the trend, delivering beauty products that are 100% natural, effective, safe to use, cruelty-free and certified organic. Phyt’s is a pioneer in organic, ethical and sustainable beauty. The active ingredients in their products are plant extracts and essential oils, skilfully combined with natural texturizers, moisturising and emulsifying agents. 

Phyt's Natural Skincare Products

It was a joy for me to listen to the story of how this amazing brand came to be one of the most appreciated producers of natural cosmetics in Europe. They’ve been around longer than I have, that must mean the customers appreciate the values of Phyt’s cosmetics and the results of the products. I even got to talk to Mr Jerome Logre about sustainability practices when it comes to the beauty industry. I appreciate it when companies take the time to explain what they’re about and how consumers can benefit from using their products.

Phyt's Solaire SPF 50 Fluid

Talk of products, I received for reviewing purposes: Soin Hydra Protecteur (day moisturiser), Phyt’s Solaire Fluide Protecteur SPF 50, Gentle Intimate Gel and Stimulating Scrub, plus many samples of skincare products. You know how deep my love of skincare products is, I will write in-depth reviews of each product. So far, I’m enjoying the moisturiser and the intimate cleansing gel. I will be posting detailed reviews of each product after I get time to form an impression.

Phyt's Soin Hydra Protecteur

Thank you for inviting me, @phyts_romania, @officialgeaninailies and @mirela.chirila, the brand launch was an unforgettable experience.
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